About Anders

My story

I started out from a middleclass background in Norwegian society - though a bit outside the major urban and mainstream culture - from a small place called "Hole kommune". From my childhool I found myself mesmerized over technology - bugging my parents in the middle of the night because I was disassembling radios, or taking apart their phone. Naturally I would find myself in university studying mechatronics - the field of mechanics and electronics working together to create cool machines. I also had fun being in the student organization such as the student bar and student parliament.

Student bar

During my studies, I found my passions drifting towards taming the complexity of software and the entrepreneuiral scene and the machinery of policy. Fresh out of university I was a mayors candidate for one of the parties for my home municipality, haha.

mayors candidate

I was driven towards joining the entrepreneurial community in Norway. I was new to the scene, and decided to join a group of other entrepreneurs in the goal to start a zero waste grocery store in Bergen. We raised ~230k NOK in a crowdfunding campaign and managed to open the store.


Towards Data Engineering

Somehow I find myself later programming C and the telecommunications codebase of a startup in Bergen. The goal is to build an IoT product one can put in boats to make the boat smart - Possibly saving lives along with improving efficiency. Its truly a great product, and I'm glad I got to program a good chunk of it. Check out the SensarMarine product by Sensario here. And check out the awesome team of hunks below!

Sensario team

I later carry out the development of embedded C drivers for their product aswell. To test the devices - I collect data and build datasets for the product, only to push myself towards the field of data. With some basic experience in working with data (and a girlfriend studying in Oslo), I was soon in contact with a large corporation in Oslo which is running most of the local norwegian newspapers - and I am offered to come to Oslo and work with them on building their big data systems and setting machine learning into production.

So these days I find myself in Amedia Utvikling AS, being brought to the company as a Data Engineer - where I really get to challenge myself in how to create technology to handle big data. I even met Jesse Anderson, who has greatly influenced me, on an OReilly conference (Yes, I was a bit nervous - huge fan)

Meeting Jesse Anderson

I am truly fortunate to have been influence by many great people through my life, and bear much gratitude to all those who have come before me and have provided value to mine and others lives.

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